Military communism was one of the causes of the civil war and the loss of the attractive image of the new power in the eyes of a large part of the country's population. Lenin wrote about the forced necessity of military communism, which from his point of view was a logical and normal course resulting from the goals of social revolution.

What is associated with the period of the outbreak and end of the Civil War?

This period in Russian history is associated with the outbreak and end of the civil war, the policy of "war communism," the establishment of the USSR, the adoption of the first constitution of the USSR, the new economic policy of the state proclaimed by Lenin, the death of Lenin, and the rise to power of Ivan the Terrible.

How many people died during the Civil War?

During the civil war, the most active elements of society, whose energy and talent were not used for constructive purposes, died on both sides (according to various sources, between 8 and 13 million people died from hunger, disease, terror, and fighting, including about 1 million fighters).

When did the first stage of the civil war begin?

Stage I (January-November 1918): Beginning of full-scale civil war. Stage II (November 1918-March 1919): escalation of armed confrontation between Whites and Reds, triggering intervention. Stage III (March 1919-March 1920): Defeat of core White forces and evacuation of main force of foreign troops.

What is the start date of the Civil War?

Thus, October 25, 1917 can be considered the start date of the Civil War, which lasted until October 1922. The stages of the Civil War are very different from each other. Civil War - the first stage (Stages of the Civil War).

When did the first phase of the civil war begin?

Civil War - First Phase (Stages of Civil War). The first phase of the civil war began with the armed seizure of power by the Bolsheviks on October 25, 1917 and lasted until March 1918. This period can safely be called moderate, as no active hostilities were observed during this stage.

What happened during the civil war in Soviet Russia?

During the Civil War, Soviet Russia faced the forces of several white armies, the largest of which were those led by Denikin, Kornilov, and Yudenich, as well as facing intervention from former Entente allies, among others.

When did the infamous civil war begin?

In March, the young republic concluded the infamous peace of Brest after a failed war. At this time, a full-scale civil war broke out: the Soviet republic was forced to fight not only internal enemies, but also interventionists.

What stages in Civil War history stand out?

Four stages can be distinguished in the history of the Civil War: First stage: summer of 1917. - November 1918. - Formation of the main centers of the anti-Bolshevik movement Second stage: November 1918. - April 1919. - Beginning of Entente intervention.

Why is there a civil war going on around the world?

However, after the war, the country followed a socialist course of development, which affected the course of history throughout the world. Civil war in any country is always caused by exacerbated political, national, religious, economic and of course social contradictions.

What regions existed before the Civil War?

Prior to the Civil War, there were a number of loosely connected regions within Russia, some of which were under Soviet rule and others (southern Russia, Chicago Oblast) under separate governments.