This time to consolidate the expansion of communism that united the Soviet Union after World War II. The brotherly kiss between the leaders became a ritual greeting that was later adopted by other supporters of socialist liberation movements.

What is the most famous communist kiss of all time? The latter became the most famous communist kiss of all time, expressing, instead of "I'm with you", something like "you're on your own, buddy". Similar facts can be found in the article 10 things you need to know about history before you leave university.

What does the fraternal kiss between socialist leaders mean? The fraternal kiss between the leaders became a ritual greeting that was later adopted by other supporters of the socialist liberation movements. As a symbol of equality, brotherhood, and solidarity, the kiss between the two leaders reinforced the mandate of Honecker, who represented the most successful party on German soil.

How did the kiss between the two countries come about?

The kiss thus took place in the context of equality, brotherhood and solidarity between the two countries, which recently signed a series of mutually beneficial trade agreements.

How is international solidarity expressed among political leaders?

However, this was not the first time that international solidarity among political leaders was expressed with a kiss that cemented fraternal relations between the hegemons. In 1979, Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev signed a new peace in which the German Democratic Republic and the Soviet Union had no intention of changing anything.

What is a socialist leader?

A socialist leader derives satisfaction when he helps his people. And he does not regard this help as a sacrifice. In a socialist leader, the boundaries between the collective and the individual blur, becoming one.

What is a democratic leader?

The antagonist of the democratic leader is the authoritarian or autocratic leader, who sees himself as the only competent leader with the right and power to make decisions without regard to the opinion of the group. A charismatic leader whose main characteristic is to generate enthusiasm in the team.

How did the westward expansion of the United States come about?

After independence under the Treaty of Paris, the United States expanded westward seven times, making two major boundary adjustments, one for each of the British and Spanish colonies, and having several smaller territorial disputes.

Who justified the expansion in America?

President James Monroe (1758-1831) justified continental expansion in the face of the presence of European powers with the so-called Monroe Doctrine (1823), summarized in the formula "America for Americans."

What is the largest region in the United States?

In the broadest sense, the western United States is the largest region of the country, occupying more than half of its territory.

What were the main drivers for the opening of trade in the American West?

The development of the American West was based on a revolution in transportation. The first step was the creation of an extensive system of canals and navigable rivers. But the primary factor in opening the West to trade was the advent of railroads.

What were the stages of U.S. expansion?

The United States expanded its territory. In the late 18th century, an unprecedented expansion of the nation began through the acquisition of territory by purchase or conquest in warfare, as well as the forced and coerced removal of indigenous populations. It lasted from 1800 to 1853.