A great collaborator of Trotsky and Lenin after Stalin came to power, he was executed in the so-called Great Purge because Stalin considered him his rival. Stalin was a member of the Politburo and one of the main driving forces behind the Russian Revolution.

Why did Lenin suppress all opposition parties? In 1921, Lenin's government suppressed all opposition parties on the grounds that they opposed or did not sufficiently support the Soviet cause in the civil war.

What is Trotsky's nickname?

The nickname Trotsky comes from the name of one of the prisoners in Odessa from which the revolutionary escaped on a false passport and through which he was recognized by the world. Trotsky is usually associated with Lenin's entourage, but this was not always the case, in fact they belonged to different factions within the party.

What were Trotsky's merits? Among Trotsky's merits, he lists the fact that he laid the foundation for the party that led the revolution, founded the Red Army that won the civil war, and created the theory of "permanent revolution."

How were Lenin's theses published?

First edition: In issue No. 26 of "Pravda," signed by N. Lenin, dated April 7, 1917. Due to printing faults, two days after the date - 5 - when Lenin ordered the theses to be published.

What was Lenin's role in Marxist doctrine?

Nor is there any doubt about his role as a theoretician, as an intellectual who enriched Marxist doctrine. But above all Lenin was an organizer, a visionary who was able to appreciate the importance of the Party for the seizure of power and the subsequent consolidation of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

What did Lenin say about this topic?

In this essay Lenin developed in detail, in a rapid and provocative style, his theses against economism and the trade unions - theories which limited the workers' struggle to economic demands - and above all developed his conception of the party as the most important instrument for the seizure of power by the workers.

What is the basis of Lenin's refusal to implement socialism?

Lenin refused from the beginning to introduce socialism, only to put the land and profits of the country in the hands of the Soviets so that they could organize them to solve the hunger and labor problems that were taking place in the country. When they were strong and ready, the long-awaited revolution could begin.

What were Lenin's arguments?

However, Lenin's arguments reflected the thoughts of Bolshevik leaders involved in the February events, such as Alexander Shlapnikov.

What was Lenin's biggest problem in the party?

For Lenin, the biggest problem was Stalin's accumulation of power, so he relied on Trotsky to revive the Party. However, a coup in March 1923 thwarted his plans.

What does Lenin's disappearance mean?

The figure of Lenin assumed mythic status when he survived the attempt on his life in 1918. His lieutenants, convinced that Lenin's death would mean their own demise, celebrated his recovery in the press, spreading a halo of invincibility.